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Niche bit torrent sites.

I've always noticed that the best torrent sites for finding obscure stuff are the specialized ones. They also have the best communities. I'm interested in basically everything, from all genres of music (from shoegaze to neo-postpunk) to all types of films (from comedy to Korean horror), etc. Please point me in the direction of all such niche torrent sites.
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Indie Torrents allows only non-RIAA music, with, as you'd expect, an Indie focus, and is invite only with under 10,000 users. Unfortunately my ratio's fallen a bit below 1 and I can't invite right now.
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I love #indie (been a member for three years). Unfortunately it's dipped in quality because everyone and their mom moved on to Oink. Still, sometimes lucky enough to find gems like The World/Inferno Friendship Society, 90 Day Men, namelessnumberheadman, etc.
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If you're into politically left-of-center documentaries, TV programs, radio shows, speeches, interviews, and publications, check out One Big Torrent.
posted by HotPatatta at 10:24 AM on August 29, 2007 [1 favorite] is big on educational / tutorial type stuff... My account expired due to inactivity unfortunately...
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Mixtapetorrent for hip-hop stuff, and Greylodge for weird movies, among other things.
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any invite only torrent site you can get invited to will probably have much more than any public one because many have requests, ratio requirements, and they delete torrrents without seeders.
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Piggybacking: has anyone ever heard of a torrent site that specialises in classical music? I don't mean a classical music section on the pink site that begins with an o, I mean just classical.
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MVGroup for documentaries.
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[A few comments removed. If you want to debate questions about torrents, take it to Metatalk. And maybe search the archives first, too.]
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Oink has the best selection of indie music I've come across (but no film or whatnot). But it's invite only (I'm sure a MeFite might be able to score you one, since this is where I got my most recent account after I let a previous one lapse).

Cinema Obscura has a delicious collection of artsy film and television. Last I checked it was open registration.
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I second Oink, they have had practically every album I've wanted in 3 or more different audio file types. but I have no invites :(
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Thirding Oink's, but good luck getting someone who isn't a real life friend to invite you: they're incredibly strict about invites, and if someone that you invite cheats etc., then you lose your invites forever.
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Skip Cinema Obscura... yeah there's a signup button but then it says "This forum is not accepting new registrations."
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A friend recently recommended Cinematik to me.
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I have an oink invite I've been waiting to pay forward. Email me and you can have it.
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stereo: has anyone ever heard of a torrent site that specialises in classical music?

No. And I'm looking. But..

Demonoid is probably among the best trackers for classical music out there. At the time of this post, there are 3,623 seeded torrents in the Music -> Classical section.

If anyone's got an invite for Bitme, email's in the profile.
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No one has mentioned karagara yet- I find it to be oinkish in it's scope for movies and music. Plus posters are required to put up decent previews and informative blurbs, file data etc. It is invite/application based too though, however I remember it being fairly easy to get on.
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