I need permission!
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I need permission! System admin installed WordpressMu on a Linux server (we're a Windows shop mainly). I can create blogs and access all the admin functions through a browser just fine. But when I connect to the server via FTP to try to add plugins, templates, etc., I can only get to the first level of directories.

Through FTP clients, I can't access sub-directories nor change permissions on any directories. Sysadmin hasn't responded to my pleas for help. Is there any way I can change permissions on the subdirectories without having direct access to the server? I've connected through SmartFTP and Dreamweaver.
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To answer exactly your question, yes, FTP-the-protocol has the commands to change permissions on files and directories. It's another matter altogether as to whether you have permissions to make such changes. Additionally, FTP servers may not implement those commands.

You almost certainly need high-level shell access to do anything radical. That's probably a feature, not a bug.
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Is your server remote? Because FTP transmits passwords in plaintext- huge security risk, and that may be why your admin has limited your access.
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Sounds like a permissions issue; your sysadmin needs to fix it.
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