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Where can I find a colorful, complete print of the Thebaid (an amazing huge landscape by Fra Angelico, c. 1410 housed at the Uffizi)?

The deal is this panorama has a lot of small, brightly colored scenes in which improbable things are happening- its the vividness and the number of things to look at that enthralled me. I can find a print online at but it looks all washed out and grey.

The same site, however, sells incredibly vivid snippets of the Thebaid- but they're only about 1/16 of the canvas. This is probably due to the fact that this work is one of the first known jigsaw puzzles (read about it in "A Qattrocento Jigsaw Puzzle").

Thinking that the washed out appearance might have just been a trick of the camera (or our monitor) I ordered the full print - just to find that it is as pale and lifeless as it appeared online.

Anyone know of anywhere where I could buy a print that looks more like the work of art we saw in Florence this spring? Any other ideas?
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And I have no idea why half that post is in bold.
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That's one of the "snippets" available on the internet- the print is only about 1/16 of the real canvas, sadly
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