Pictures with lights behind them to make them look hd?
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I'm trying to find those pictures that light up to make them look more hi-def, and I can't seem to find anything because I don't know what they're called or what to search for. They look like hdtvs kind of, except with a picture. Some of them have flowing water, well it looks like it's flowing because of the lights, and that's about as good as I can describe them. I've seen them in stores and I've been interested in getting one, but I wanted to look at some online first. Thanks for your help.
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Are you looking for hdr pictures?
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I Googled 'moving waterfall pictures' and came up with a large selection of retailers.

This place even lets you create a personalised picture.
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"Lighted Moving Picture" found me the best hits.
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Arg, I was just going to jump all in this thread with this. Good going EJ and AV!
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Do you run a Chinese food restaurant? Because that's the only place I've seen them. Do they all have speakers, or is it deluxe models only?
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Yeah, "moving fiber optic pictures" works too. Those things drive me nuts.
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the only places i've seen these for sale are
1) a mall kiosk
2) a video store parking lot
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I've seen animated landscapes that are beer promos. Like this one, which is described as a "panoramic rippler."
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