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Are there any web sites where you can enter a search term, and get an RSS feed of new results, like Google news alerts but over RSS rather then email? Are there any other interesting tools out for searching the blog sphere (besides technorati)

It seems like there must be tools out that there will create feeds by aggregating entries that match certan search criteria, but I don't know what those are, (it's kind of a difficult thing to search for). Beyond getting feeds of search results, I'm also interested in any other novel or innovative blog-searching tools out there.
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google search for search results rss.. first result.
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Response by poster: Twiggy: that's cool, but I wanted something more blogsphere spesific, and something that would be updated with new things as they're added, rather then when they get to the top of the search results. (The news results thing might be closer).

Basically I'd like to see anything out there other mefite's find cool, not just one tool.
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Google Blog Search might be what you're looking for.
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Google News can do RSS, too. If you use a proper browser, there should be a little orange icon in the status bar when you search.
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You can do this in google blog search, (from their faq's). Just sort by date instead of relevancy, and viola!
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The Google news RSS feeds are really not that user friendly. Everytime a story with your keyword gets syndicated, it shows up again in your news reader. It's worthwhile only if you really have to see every news item about a particular topic, and don't mind sorting through lots of irrelevant articles.
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Best answer: I'd try it on BlogPulse first.

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