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80's movies featuring really lame punk gangs?

You know the type... Return of the Living Dead, Police Academy 2, Short Circuit. The lamer the better. Has to be the 80's. Can you dig it?
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Surf nazis must die
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I hope Lost Boys counts. Valley Girl, maybe, but they're the protagonists.
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Bill Paxton's gang in The Terminator.
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One year off (1979), but The Warriors is pretty funny. Also, scenes from Escape From New York and The Outsiders? Don't forget Repo Man.
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Does 1979 count? The Warriors?
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"Warriors, come out to play-ay." Still makes me snort-laugh two and a half decades later.

Class of 1984.
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Weird Science
Some kind of wonderful
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The embarrassing Penelope Spheeris flick Suburbia features a punk gang called "T.R.," which stands for "the Rejected." It's not a good movie, but it was actually surprisingly popular among 14-year-old punk kids when I was a 14-year-old punk kid.
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I suppose the punk gang (of three) in Repo Man was kind of lame, but then, I think in that particular case that was the point.
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Don't forget the Los Locos from Short Circuit 2!

Well. Los Locos or Los Lobos. One or the other.
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Seconding Repo Man - Otto was badass, but the other crew was pathetic, especially when the punker boy runs out of the liquor store and runs into the crotch-level pole in the parking lot. Or when he talks about settling down with the punker chick.
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Prayer of the Rollerboys is one of Corey Haim's finest. It is from 1991 and I challenge you to find a lamer gang-- they rollerskate.
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I can't believe nobody has mentioned charles bronson's absolutely horrible death wish 3. notice how the only way these punks move is jumping sideways. I'd call michael winner the worst director in the world but we all know that's udo kier.
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actually ... uwe boll is way worse.
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The gang from Crocodile Dundee 2?
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Thirding the gang from Repo Man. I think this little exchange sums them up pretty well:
Debbi: Duke, let's go do some crimes.
Duke: Yeah. Let's go get sushi and not pay.
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King Vidiot and his crew from 'Joysticks'.
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Class of Nuke 'Em High. Also, The Toxic Avenger has a smallish gang-oid.

What's the movie where some frat boys somehow end up in the punky gangy part of town and murder etc ensues? I know it was filmed in Austin. ISTR it had a high leg-warmer quotient.
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Full Contact for an Asian perspective. It's 1993 but fashion, back then, moved slowly - by about 5 years.
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Man, I liked Suburbia! Terrible acting, sure, but an early performance by a young fella going by "Mike B the Flea" (who later dropped the first three parts of that name). And, a great exchange:

Suburban Dad to punk in army pants and no shirt, "Where's the war?
Shirtless Punk, "Up your ass".

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Return of the Living Dead has lame punk rockers in it. I actually went to the premier and they kept giving us free posters, etc,. because they thought we dressed up for the movie. Which made me feel, well, lame...
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Does the "bad" dojo gang from Karate Kid qualify as punk?
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Bobcat Goldthwaite played Zed, the leader of the punk gang, in the lame comedy Police Academy II: Their First Assignment.
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Uh... like all of them. Check out some of the punksploitation info (namely this FPP in the blue)
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I know it's not a movie, but no student of lame 80's punks can afford to miss the punk rock episode of Quincy.
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These are all awesome... thanks a million folks :)
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Thirding Suburbia (and I liked it too, back in my "hate everyone" punk days).

Jack (Chris Pederson), the lead in the movie, went on to star in Platoon, and even appeared on Baywatch. He and Bill Coyne, who played Ethan, were the only professional actors (at the time) in the movie. It also features performances by TSOL, DI, and The Vandals.
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I can't believe nobody has mentioned Adventures in Babysitting. They stabbed Brad in the foot!
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What was the name of that movie from the early 80's with James Spader, Jim Carrol was in it as a rock star, he sang "All the People Who Died"? There was terrible dancing and punk rock idiocy - Oh yeah, "Tuff Turf"
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i think Back to the Beach might count. can't go wrong with the mighty Pee Wee.
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Suburbia *rocks* My favorite snatch of dialog:

"Tom, wake up and smell the coffee maaaan. It's hopeless."

"Yeah, seems like if they run us out of this place ..."

"They'll just run us out of the next place we find."

"My old man's coming back later and we're still here, here's gonna shit Twinkies!"
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Rock and Roll High School and Rock and Roll High School Forever. The latter includes Cory Feldman as a "punk."
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Thrashin' has an extremely lame skate gang and stars the oldest kid from the goonies gang.
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