Creating/editing Yamaha midi files?
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Creating/editing Yamaha midi files?

I have a Yamaha digital piano (YPG625). I can record multitrack midis with it and save them onto a usb thumbdrive.

Does anyone know of any software that will let me perform basic editing of these files (tweaking notes, tempo, possibly changing instruments)?

I'd like to keep the file in its native format so I could go back to the piano to rerecord/record new tracks into the file, and play back the file. I've played with Garageband but it has its own file format.

I believe the piano uses the Yamaha XG midi format. I have tried googling and found XG works but it looks like it is out of date/discontinued.
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For Mac OS, there's Steinberg's Cubase products, Apple's Logic software... quite a bit of MIDI software out there actually. What kind of price range are you looking at?

There used to be a bit of software called MIDI Grasshopper that had a full-featured demo and was pretty cheap and basic. I'd recommend it, but the author's website seems to be closed for business. You can still find the demo, though. I think it just had a nag screen, so you could, theoretically use it indefinitely...
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I remember your last question about your Yamaha - is this the next step in turning your livingroom into a Nordstroms? You might consider getting some MIDI cables so you can establish a direct connection between your Mac and your piano, rather than going via the thumb drive.

Just a suggestion though. If you can get everything to work with your current setup, more power to you.
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There's some XG midi utility software here, though it may get you deeper into the nuts and bolts than you'd like. Haven't used it. (Found by Googling Cakewalk XG files, because I recalled that Cakewalk used to offer GM to XG conversion, so maybe it can do XG without conversion; but I don't have access to it these days.)
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