How do I sign back up for B-School spam?
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A couple years ago, I took the GMAT and thus got subscribed (to be fair, I think I opted in) to get on a bunch of schools' marketing lists. I seem to have fallen off of that list, despite the fact that right now I am starting to seriously look into MBA programs. How do I get back on the "please spam me" list for B-Schools?
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GMASS - I think if you log in and change your profile to reflect a more current intended start date then you can start getting spam again.
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Milkrate has it - GMASS. You can also register for individual schools' mailing lists. The schools have to rent the GMASS list so the schools I'm familiar with don't mail to that group as often as their own prospect list. Plus some schools segment their lists to particular scores, programs of interest to the test-taker, geographic locations, and (I think) years of work experience. If you fall outside the requested characteristics you might miss out on some schools/programs you'd otherwise consider or who would consider you. If there's a few schools you're already thinking of, I would do GMASS and the school's lists.
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To clarify, some schools segment their GMASS list request to any of those various characteristics I mentioned in the fourth sentence (location, score, etc. I'm sure there are others). Therefore if a school wants a list of GMAT test-takers in Oregon and you are in California, GMASS will not give them your name. Sorry for any confusion, should have proofed more carefully.
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Peterson's also has a service called Grad Schools Want You that you might check out. (NB: I have never used it.)
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