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Need help naming a children's music class.

I'm starting a children's music class in London with the idea of exposing young kids (1-4 years old) to a much broader variety of music than your standard "Wheels On The Bus". The class will have musicians (drums, keyboard, guitar, singers) playing real instruments and performing a mix of classic rock (i.e. Beatles, Beach Boys, Monkees, Simon and Garfunkel,), Motown, Reggae, etc. while also mixing in some great old Sesame Street songs, Disney, etc. Basically, anything goes as long as it's melodic, has lots of harmonies and is fun. Kids will also be given instruments to play along so its meant to be a real interactive introduction to music.

I'm looking for a good name for this class. Ideally, I'd like it to sound a bit retro but also give the impression that the class is meant to help foster an early appreciation for music. I've thought of names like Good Vibrations or Feeling Groovy but they don't quite do it and also thought I might get into trouble using a copyrighted title. So basically, I'm open to anything. Any suggestions?
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The Lightness of Being Unbearable.
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Good Note Foundation
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Bambino Brouhaha
Rookie Rhapsody
Spawn Symphony

As you can see I'm a fan of alliteration.
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Pochettino Music Club
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Prima Volta Music School
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Two very popular kids music classes here in NYC are Hands On Music and Music Together. Both names stress the fact that the classes are interactive and encourage the children to participate and actually play with the various instruments. I can tell you that my kids go to Hands On and it lives up to its name. As it happens it has a similar focus to the one you are describing, with each class focusing on a different instrument and related musical style, from opera to reggae (they also tie it to a NYC neighborhood, with a big map of the city). But the name of the class stresses that interactive, cooperative element and I found that very appealing when I was searching for a place -- not that I would have stayed if it hadn't lived up to the promise, but it did.

Having said all that I have no idea what you should call your class, but as a parent those are some of the things I looked for.

Mikepop: The first rule of Pochettino Music Club is, you do not talk about Pochettino Music Club.
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Jam Bandwich?

Studio 1-to-4?
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"Music for Kids"

"Introductory Music for Kids"

"A Fun Introduction to Music"

"Interactive Introduction to Music"

"Early Music Appreciation"

(My thinking is that even though the class is for kids, the title is for adults - its job is to describe the class and generate interest among the adults, not be cute in order to try to entertain them. Speaking as an adult, "Feeling Groovy" etc. are just cloying and bewildering.)
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Notable Beginnings
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Our Band
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Preschool of Rock
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Take note
Kids take note
Lend me your ears
Beyond the Bus
E I E I O +
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