How to install more RAM in my Everex laptop?
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How do I fix it if Vista is causing my new off-brand laptop to choke while playing DVDs?

A month ago, I bought a new Everex VA4300M laptop. It's pretty sweet, but it chokes towards the end of Star Trek DVD episodes. And when playing Snood. Since that's pretty much all I do on the thing so far (it's my backup computer), I'm not sure how systemic the problem is.

Now, I'm no lawyer, but... Wait, I am a lawyer. Correction: I'm no computer technician, but my HYPOTHESIS is that it needs more RAM per the Vista OS. I'd very much appreciate feedback on whether this hypothesis is likely correct.

I've looked around for another 512 MB of DDR2 533MHz SDRAM. However, the PIN issue is confusing. In shopping online to find a good RAM addition, I've seen 220 pin RAM, 200 pin RAM, 184 pin RAM, etc. I have not been able to figure out how many pins are in the RAM on my Everex.

Any ideas, advice, proverbs that use puns of the word RAM, etc., would be greatly appreciated.
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DDR2 SODIMMs are 200pin.

You can try or some other memory site and lookup your model to see exactly what you need.
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Go to > computer hardware > memory
Then on the left choose notebook/laptop memory
On the left side bar, ensure advanced search is chosen, then you just plug in the speed (DDR2 533Mhz) and the capacity. As long as it knows it is DDR2 for a notebook, it will fit.
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Response by poster: Thanks to the both of you, I was able to use to figure out what memory I needed, and to order it. (Newegg won't ship to the Virgin Islands, and Crucial didn't have my laptop in the list!)

But the combination of your advice enabled me to find and order the right RAM upgrade.

Much obliged!

Carry on,

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Response by poster: UPDATE: The RAM I ordered was absolutely correct and cake to install. Unfortunately, it did not solve the problem of dragging DVD playback toward the end of movies/shows. I do not know what the problem is but will post here if I ever figure it out.
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