Help my daughter look better on the screen.
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I need a lot of help with DV cameras.

I've got a Panasonic PV-GS320 with one tape's worth of video, my dad has a rather large amount of movies saved to his hard drive. We are both having a lot of problems getting our movies (my tape, his old files) to look good on DVD's.

Long story short, I have a ton of questions (why do my movies look jaggie, why are so many frames dropped, why are his forced to be full screen, etc.) and no one to go to for help.

So, I'm hoping to find a forum (or more than one) where I can go to post all of my small, neophyte questions.

Where do you go on-line for help with your video capturing, editing, and burning questions?
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You might want to check out afterdawn.
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It tends to be very much based on your editing software.

Usually the manufacturer has forums set up (apple, avid, sony), and CreativeCow. Cow has a "Calf" section for newbies as well. They do practice some competitive (to their site) censorship, which is a bit annoying, but generally, it's a good resource.

Can you let us know some details? (OS, Hardware, Editing Software?)
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Windows XP; I've the Panasonic, my dad has .wmv files (from a Sony cam); I have access to Slysoft apps, Sony Vegas, Nero Software, Motion DV studio, and Quick Movie Magic.

I figured I could go to the Sony, as a las resort (since that app seems a bit more advanced/better than the others), but I was hoping for a more general (and therefore perhaps more open/honest) website.
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Ok. Now, we have something to work with.

First, never work in .wmv (it's very very compressed). Stik with the DV format (review of the camera from Macworld - ignore that it's a mac magazine/site.

DV as a format produces excellent pictures - eats up about 5 gigs/min (about 12 gigs per hour of footage.)

The built in software (Motion DV studio) is cute. I don't think there are real forums/how to with it, because it's too limited/basic.. For general camera use - I'd also suggest

Given what you own, I'd probably suggest Vegas; and check out creativecow's forums for such.
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