What was that painting?
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I am trying to identify a painting. It was by a 20th century American painter whose name escapes me. It was of a suburban landscape and slightly Hopperish.

A print was in a room I was staying in, but I never got around to taking down the details. The scene had nothing but buildings and landscape, and was looking down from above. The forms had been broken down into blocks of colour.
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your description is pretty vague. georgia o'keefe did a lot of city-scapes in her early career, like this one. or maybe grant wood, like this.
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Best answer: Something by Richard Diebenkorn?
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Best answer: richard diebenkorn?
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David Hockney
Cezanne has several paintings that are looking down onto houses in a landscape (click on his name on those pages for a long list of his paintings with thumbnails)
Jennifer Bartlett - not remotely Hopperish, but color blocky
Macke - again not Hopperish, but color-blocky
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Response by poster: Cheers guys, it was Diebenkorn. Well spotted.
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Response by poster: And hecho's link ('Cityscape') was the painting. Very nice it is, too.
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