Ugly names for access points?
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Help me name my WiFi AP in such a way that no one will want to connect to it.

I'm installing a WiFi access point in my apartment. It will be left unsecured -- so I'd like to name it something that is absolutely repulsive, perhaps even paranoia inducing... So far, the best I've been able to come up with is "CREDIT CARD STEALING AUTOMATON". Any ideas?

This is an exercise in fun, not network security; please save advice about leaving a network unsecured for other threads.
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If you really want to keep people from connecting to it, use a whitespace character as the name, or perhaps a long alphanumeric string.
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I use "ERROR WHILE FETCHING NETWORK NAME" and other fake errors. "ACCESS DENIED" is too tempting, so I hide behind an apparent malfunction.
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...but that wouldn't be paranoia-inducing. In that case, perhaps something Lovecraftian?
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Reformat Drive
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Best answer: Are ESSIDs 8-bit clean? Use high characters that are hard to type. Or use control characters. Maybe even VT102 screen control codes to defeat unixy snoopers.

You could also use the name of ANOTHER neary WAP with a space on the end so they connect to the wrong one (or if the other one is secured, they try connecting and it fails).

The problem with all my ideas so far is that the ideas don't work if you can pick them off a list.
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"FBI SURVEILLANCE OPS" maybe? "9600 BPS LINE" is repulsive in its own way, too.
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"HONEY POT" (credit to my friend Stephen for that one)
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At an airport I once saw FREE GAY PORN as an SSID. Not sure if that would attract or detract.
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I've seen "Buttsex" in the wild. On the other hand, I used that network, so I guess it wasn't too effective.
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or maybe "hp", since that's what a recent unconfigured HP printer will annoyingly broadcast, and those are ubiquitous enough that most people will look right past them.
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How about "Unavailable"? Maybe I'm dumb, but if I saw that in a list of network names, I'd skip it.
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Disconnected Network

Linux Only Network

Unable to fetch network


Please alert administrator;912&F

or something random like that.
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"Network Access Logger 2.9.3"
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Most of these suggestions would make me more likely to try to attach them them for what it's worth.

Maybe something like Private Monitored Network - Please Don't Use. That's at least polite, and I might be more inclined to respect somebody's explicit wishes about something like that.
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Someone in the suite next to ours at work had 'hellvirus.exe' - it was amazing to me how many IT professionals were convinced by this that their PCs had been infected with a virus. Sigh...
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How about just hiding the broadcast ID rather than giving it a visible name? Nobody will see it (unless they're running NetStumbler or the like) so no one will connect to it. Shut off the SSID. Set your systems up to connect to this hidden network. Once they've found it once, they'll know to look for it in the future.
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Maybe try headers from your spam. Some in my inbox at the moment:

SAVE $ ~ Buy Prescription Rx Medication Online DISCREETLY

Be the most confident man in town

Thanx for Purchasing Rolex, Tracking#GV93
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connecting . . . . . .
internal error: %40 %1%1
christ, what an asshole
ethereal logging 24/7
password = "tubgirl"
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"Reverse-charge Wi-Fi Trial"

"Access point rebooting - please wait"

"Remote IP Harvester"
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I used to use "Minneapolis Police Dept" but wondered if that would be too temptnig. Currently mine is "WEAK SIGNAL". I wonder if "New Java update available for download" would confuse people enough.
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Mine is called "Wap will close if abused". No leechers yet, but the population density is pretty low.
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Not exactly what you are looking for, but couldn't you just turn off the SSID? It would make you pretty much invisible.

But more on topic:

LOL w0nt hack
Free Credit Card Numbers
I use Ethereal (or more updated: I use Wireshark)
Viral Test Feed

I would avoid all of these.
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Yeah, but meech wouldn't that attract the @#@#^% people that actually respond to spam? :P
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Mine is called VIRUS DETECTED

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I wouldn't find any of these too disuasive, if my laptop was telling me there's a strong, free signal, the exceptions being Willnot's 'Private Monitored Network - Please Don't Use', and perhaps thilmony's 'Police Department' (except realistically, why would the police department have a wireless hub in my apartment building?).
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or turn off SSID broadcast.
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Definitely spoof DNS requests of non-you mac addresses so that all requests over http go to goatselike.
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I keep thinking "anal warts"
network offline
tmobile-have credit card handy
identity theft...connect here
my router is broken
stealing your passwords
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it's the word that ruins everything!
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No SSID will be paranoia-inducing, because anyone who knows the little required to look at an SSID and react to it knows that truly paranoia-inducing SSIDs are things like "free wireless" or "smith family".

(And that networks that are secret and not honeypots just don't broadcast SSID in the first place.)
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Unless you're just looking for cuteness, make it hidden. If you don't broadcast the SSID every normal device can connect to it, you just have to type it in manually. My Wii and DS both connect fine through my hidden-but-not-encrypted access point.
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Name it something shifty, and then turn of SSID broadcast. Then, if they sniff it out, they might wish they hadn't.
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How about something like "Public WiFi $30 / hour"?

If I saw that I would assume it's going to require a credit card number to use, and the price is ridiculous.

FWIW, most of the answers above are too "inside baseball" to deter casual snoopers and freeloaders...

Also everyone who says just hide the SSID is right...
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Just call it 2WIRE847 - that's what one of the major commercial wireless providers calls theirs (vary the last three digits).
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abberant: So that's who keeps popping up on my list of available networks. Thanks.
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A Robot Made of Meat--
How do you spoof DNS requests of non-you mac addresses so that all requests over http go to ____ ?
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"SSID Unavailable"

Although, I'd still try to connect to it. And pretty much every other suggestion so far.

You need to at least turn of SSID broadcast if you don't want to roll out the red carpet to others.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone - I think I'm going to go with "I READ YOUR EMAILS" for the moment, but the bizarre characters, Ethereal/wireshark references, and actually all your answers are really much appreciated. Thanks for all the great ideas.
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Hey fake, if I came across an SSID like that, it'd certainly pique my interest and I might even try to join just to see what's on there. I think that might defeat your goal of staying under the radar....
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sharkfu: Upside-Down-Ternet, among other methods
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Well, my friend's neighbors named theirs "poop touch" but that just made us giggle when we logged on, so I don't recommend it.
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