Where can I find free, good-quality icons?
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I'd really like some nice-looking icons for a site I'm working on. The functions that need icons are 'front/home', 'make post/new post', 'archives', 'options', 'register', 'log in' and 'log out'. The 64x64 size would be ideal. Surely someone out there must produce free icons for this kind of thing? The site is completely non-profit.
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From an old link page on my former icon site:

[iconfactory] [soultools] [f f f] [pixelbros] [distorter] [merzhase] [little factory] [yipyop] [popchild] [db-db] [clango!] [whitenoise] [macrocity] [rabbitboy] [webstatt] [snowcat] [technikon] [minimat] [ot-to] [colhere] [lindkvist] [mozco] [zeldman] [guigalaxy] [icondevil] [maniac] [lockerroom] [cute icon] [orange ade] [alexmassie] [cheskydom] [icofactory jp] [icondeli] [cheese] [pixture] [dotico] [pixelsnow] [etherbrian] [performa] [pseudo] [iconbox] [icon repub] [iconbasic] [r's shelf] [everyday] [pxlhugger] [electricicon] [cymbeline] [bongo] [macnerds] [nami] [robotfrog] [1button] [pxlcentric] [mikworks] [Anthony's Icon Library] [Around the pixel] [chimi ] [Command Cute] [Epochicons] [Extraordinarily Rotten Icons ] [Exhibit Japan] [Gladee Inc] [Junkyard] [midnight special ] [Ritkontoret ] [Shakagraphics] [Strawberry Mountain] [TICOTICO] [Trauma Records] [Viva Iconos]

Go nuts. Iconfactory is a class act and you'll most likely find what you want with a search there. Soultools (click on 'screenshot') is my personal favorite - funky black and white icons. Some of these links may not work - the list is a year or so old. Important: if you find something you like and it's being offered in icon format (for desktop use) and not as an image file, you should email the webmaster and inform them that you'd like to use their designs on a site - they almost always say yes but it's good to extend the courtesy.
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300 images was linked to on Kottke recently, and has some of the images you're looking for. I'm not sure what the copyright status of the images, though.
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300 images was linked to on Kottke recently, and has some of the images you're looking for. I'm not sure what the copyright status of the images, though.

All Images are © by their owners. Please do not steal.

Great for ideas, though, and to see what's out there. I mean, a lot of them are just so generic anyway that it might not really matter.
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Wow. I'm in a similar boat so I'm watching this thread closely. My problem is that the site I'm working on is commercial.

It's actually not that easy to find free-for-use icons that aren't cartoony and ridiculous 1996-esque junk. Despite quonsar's sentiment, I would greatly appreciate any pointers to icons that are royalty-free and of higher than average quality. There's a ton of flotsam out there. And there's a ton of po$h, well-de$igned stuff too. If there is a sweet spot between, it's small.

I'm going through your list now, iconomy. Thanks!
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Two sources of awesome royalty-free stock icons from the masters:
- iconfactory's Stock Icons
- firewheel design/ yellowlane's Icon Buffet
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You're welcome, scarabic. Dotico (linked up there) is run by Craig Hockenberry, who also runs Iconfactory. He's the guy who designed all of the Windows XP icons, which are really very pretty, in a stylized kind of way. Anyway, Dotico has some very nice generic icons on it (open and closed folders, etc), which are quite nice for use on message boards and forums and whatnot. As does Iconfactory's Stock Icons, which, upon preview, I see that ephTeq has linked to.
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no worries, imocony :)
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Okay, the following is from the IconBuffet license. I can't tell whether this allows use on websites or not:

"You may use The Icons in your personal, commercial, and client projects, including advertising, web designs, software applications, on-line or multimedia projects, presentations, film, video, and computer games.

The license DOES NOT permit the following uses: The Icons may not be sublicensed, resold, or otherwise made available for use or distribution separately or detached from a product, software application, or web page. The Icons may not be placed on any electronic bulletin board, or on-line in an complete, archived, downloadable format. You may not include The Icons in any electronic template or application, including those which are web based, where the purpose is to create multiple impressions of an electronic product, including, but not limited to website designs and presentation templates, or any other electronic matter or printed."

So... wtf? If the site is template-based you can't use them? Or do they not want them presented in a downloadable way on a template-driven site?

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Oh come on, scarabic! Can't you read plain english?

Better email 'em. Maybe we can get these guys to write our front page posts for us ;)
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Emailing is a good idea. I do parse that language as "no repackaging" for the most part. In other words, using it in your own templated forum = probably OK. Designing a template with the icons and submitting THAT for others' use = not OK.
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