Routing audio from Logic to Max/MSP?
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Dear electronic musicians: Can I route an audio track/instrument in Logic Pro (v6) to a Max/MSP dac~ object (or any object)? On OS X. I'm tired of having to bounce tracks.
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Isn't that possible using Soundflower (also from Cycling74)? You may want to look into it, because I think it's one of the uses - it allows you to re-route audio between applications, so in theory you should be able to connect between the master output from Logic and a dac~ input on MSP.
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Seconding Soundflower. Turn it off if you're not using it, though, as it does eat a little CPU, especially if you use more than the base two channels.
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I think both support rewire (though I'm not exactly sure about logic 6, as opposed to 7), so you should be able to rewire them together. (here's something from googling to make sure I'm correct about this.)
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advil: Rewire would work if it was MIDI data being passed around. Audio data should be routed some other way, hence the soundflower suggestion.
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JackPilot would be the open source solution.
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Rewire works for both midi and audio (and is commonly used for both, e.g. to control a synth in reason from another host, and get the audio back).
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