Help me get a bridesmaid dress made in DC
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How to get a custom bridesmaid dress made in the Washington, DC area? Any vendor recommendations, concepts of how much it might cost/how much time it will take to get a custom bridesmaid dress, and advice on how to work with the dressmaker? This is all new to me....

The bride in question has given me material for the dress (chocolate brown silk charmeuse, if you're into that kind of thing) and the lining, and her only instructions were to have it be full length and no long sleeves. I have some general concepts of what I might like, but only pictures to show the designer. Is there any place online where I might find actual dress designs? Would having the dress design make it easier/less expensive for the dress maker

As I said, if you've had experience with any dressmakers in the DC area, much appreciated - google isn't turning up much besides tailors and alterations.

Final details I'm interested in is a guesstimate on the price I'm looking at, given that I already have the material, advice on how to keep the price down--I have a terrible feeling this could end up being quite expensive if I go into it totally clueless--and whether it's possible to have this done by November.

I can provide pictures of the dresses I'm interested in if that would be helpful. Thanks!!
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My partner found a seamstress (here in the Bay Area where we live) through the forums on Maybe start here...
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You should be able to go to a fabric/crafting store and look though sewing patterns, find one you like and is in the proper size range (you may want/need another person to help take your measurements) and then find a seamstress or tailor that you have seen samples of their work. Shouldn't cost too much since the design is in the pattern (which are fairly cheap) and the fabric is already paid for.
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She works out of a small mens clothing shop called highcliffe clothiers on 20th between L&M. Makes very cool, colorful stuff.
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If you go to her site, I think it's that crazy Wendy from PR! I like estronaut's advice. My friend's sister got her prom dress made at Rose's in Bethesda.
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