Find me a great suit jacket, quick!
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I'm tall (6'4"), I'm skinny (195lbs), and I need a black suit jacket before the end of the day today (I have the pants, but I'll buy new ones if need be). Obviously the time constraint eliminates any kind of custom garment. Basically, I need to know what stores I should be looking at in New York City -- I like a closer, more European fit, and I don't want to break the bank. First stop is H&M, but I'm not optimistic about what I'll find there. Other suggestions?
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Century 21 (downtown near WTC site) will have a bunch, at good prices, but it's hectic there and you have to sift through many racks. I like to do a little mental relaxation preparation or have certain brands in mind before I go.
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I know you want a jacket and not a tuxedo, but maybe some of these answers will give you ideas.
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Men's Wearhouse on 6th ave between 20th and 21st has always done me well. Much better selection and prices than I would have thought. They even had tall sizes that worked for me.
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in my experience (about 5 years ago), Nordstrom on 5th Ave can do same day alterations.
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Try Mexx - it's just a step above H&M and a little pricier, but still very European. We once bought my (tall and skinny) boyfriend pants there before a speaking engagement and he wore them out of the store.

650 5th Avenue
10022 New York City
T 212.956.6506

Mexx SoHo
500 Broadway
10012 New York City
T 212.343.7954
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I'm a similar size and shape and I've had very good luck at Men's Wearhouse.
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Second Zara
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Seconding Mexx and Zara and also tossing United Colors of Benetton into the ring.
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Is there a JC Penney nearby? Your dimensions are similar to my son's and we got him a pretty good suit off the rack at Penney's.
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4thing Zara. Everything there is for European skinny giants.
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I'm female (though also tall and skinny) so I'm not sure that this suggestion will work out, but if you get a chance, stop by a Sisley. Might be a bit pricier than Zara (which I highly recommend), but they do tend to also have european styling and their women's stuff, at least, is cut thin and tall.
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banana republic usually has great styles en masse but it's hit and miss with sizes. you may have to hit a second store to get the right size.
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Another (5th) recommendation for Zara. Both Zara and H&M have inexpensive suits that are of decent quality that don't fit like a potato sack.

This might be common sense, but make sure that you bring your black pants when you go shopping for the jacket. If the color or fabric is off, even slightly, it will look weird.
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Barneys is having a sale this week. Ad is in NYT today. Might be expensive but you never know.
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I'm 6'4" and 190 lbs. Anything I buy at Express fits well. Sleeves are long enough, but not so big around the middle that I look like I stole it from my dad's closet. They have some nice cotton and wool suit jackets. Can't say for the price, or for the jacket quality, but all of the pants I've purchased there have held up well, and a pair of wool pants I bought several years ago remains one of my absolute favorites.
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Nordstrom has done suit alterations in 4 hours for me before.
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Response by poster: Coming back to this one with the "answer": I found a size 42 (just regular, CM don't seem to do long/short) jacket that fit me more than acceptably at Club Monaco. It's very slightly too loose across the back and very slightly too short in the sleeves, but it's otherwise a vast improvement on what I had to work with before. Thanks for the suggestions, everybody, hope they'll help somebody else!
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