You ever do a google search for "iMac fan"? Yeah. Pointless.
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So I just got the newest iMac today (the one that was announced last week). After 4 hours or so of use the fan has kicked on in a most noisy way and it won't shut down. Restarting does nothing. Take time to let it cool. Restart. Just more fan. So...anyone got a "here-n-now" fix or do I take it back to the store in the morning?
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You might want to run Activity Monitor (in Applications/Utilities), and sort by %CPU to see what's causing your iMac to work so hard. It may be some initial startup thing like Spotlight or maybe some errant program is confused.
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Response by poster: Thanks..I just did that per your advice. Nothing was really using any resources .

I should mention I had a kernel panic this evening. I ran Software Update just as soon as I fired it up, and during the install process (right when I loaded Photobooth) it gave me the restart prompt.

I restarted; checked for new updates; apparently they all took.
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Response by poster: And this fan just keeps a whirrin'...alll night long.
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Give unplugging it for about 10 minutes a shot.
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If the fans kick in right away at boot time (like when you see the Apple logo) then it's prolly hardware related.

Hold down apple command-V before the Apple logo appears and you might see a clue scroll by. This is also saved in the system.log which you can view using the in the Utilities folder.

One piece of hardware that makes the fan kick in is the hard drive thermometer (this is true at least for all the white g5/intel imacs. I can't verify this on the new ones). If it's not connected or broken or whatever the fans will kick it full blast. But these iMacs are such a massive pain just to open up, i'd just take it back to the store.
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And if you're getting kernel panics on a few days old iMac and you haven't loaded any third party drivers or running anything wacky I'd def. take it back or at least have them do a memory/hardware diagnostic. Assuming you bought this at the Apple store.
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Take out any 3rd party RAM. Detach all USB and FireWire devices other than keyboard, mouse. Unplug the iMac. Hold the power button for at least 10 seconds, plug the iMac back in WHILE holding the power button. This is supposed to reset the power management unit.
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If you aren't using processor-heavy applications, you might want to go to the options menu of the Energy Saver panel and set the processor performance to Reduced or Automatic. This quiets down the fans on my noisy iMac G5 immediately, though you will take a performance hit.
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Response by poster: Powered it down overnight. Restarted in the AM and the fan is still there. Think I'm looking at a return and exchange.
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Brand new machine? Not working right? Take it back for exchange not repair. Their problem, not yours.
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Seconding the exchange. It's not even a week old!
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Response by poster: Week old? This happened within the first couple hours of initial boot.

Going for the exchange.
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Best answer: Sourwookie, what you want to do is go to Apple's support site and check out the page on reseting the SMC (System Management Controller).

This is not unusual on Intel-based iMacs and it should be taken care of if you follow the instructions.

As far as your kernel panic, that was a result of using software while the update of that same piece of software was being installed, idiot. I suggest you don't do that again.
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Response by poster: Thanks, sourwookie. That totally go it.
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