Johnny Mathis version of "Always and Forever" ?
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Did Johnny Mathis sing "Always and Forever"? Anyone know where I can find it (ie, CD, download)?

Looking -- on very short notice, ie, within 24 hours -- for someone's wedding song to play at their 25th anniversary celebration/renewal of vows. I'm told it's "Always and Forever" by Johnny Mathis. But the "Always and Forever" I know is sung by Earth Wind & Fire.

I've done some web searching on this and coming up empty handed. So I would really appreciate any help in identifying/finding this tune.
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The "Always and Forever" you know is probably the hit song by Heatwave. The also rocked out "Groove Line".

Rod Temperton was a main player in Heatwave - he worked with plenty of folks including MJackson for Off The Wall and Thriller.

Always and Forever is a such a great tune.
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Leticia, email me (see my profile for address)
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Also, Luther Vandross.

Email me if you want it. (Someone I knew needed it for a wedding. :-)
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Heat Wave's version is the classic but Luther's version (RIP) is so beautiful.
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There's a blind crackhead who enjoys singing it in the NY do NOT want that version.
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