Stuck with some Sticky Hands
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What should I do with almost 2-dozen novelty sticky hands?

I really needed one of those novelty sticky hands, but I wound up having to order 2 dozen in order for the cost & shipping to make any sense (I could buy 1 for $0.99 or 24 for $2.50).

I really only needed one though. So I have 23 left. Is there any particularly creative or fun way to use these guys, other than just handing them out to friends & coworkers for a laugh? I want to make the most out of my $2.50 investment.

I particularly love playing little tricks on people as long as it's not mean-spirited or even a little bit illegal.
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Make some of that investment back...ebay. Parents would want for b-day gift bags.
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These would make awesome props for a hallowe'en cake.

Bake a cake, any flavour, decorate it to look like a graveyard (chocolate icing, maybe? Crushed oreo cookies for "dirt"?). Make little cookie headstones (decorate them with gray icing, if the mood strikes you). Pretzels in chocolate will help mold you a dead tree. Have the hands coming out of the graves.

Alternatively, decorate the top of the cake to look like the facade of a haunted house, and have the hands coming out of windows and doors like ghosts peering around corners.

I hope that helps!
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It's totally not worth the effort to recoup $2.50. I really am looking for something fun to do with them.
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LN that's a fun idea! I am just concerned that the sticky properties might not be so healthy to touch food. But maybe I could use them in a gingerbread haunted house ... something that's kinda edible but not really meant to be eaten.
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Hand them to random children on the street. Dude, you will make their day. Multiply that by 23, and you're in happy for the rest of the week at least.
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Ok then, still on the Hallowe'en theme...

Since you mention handing these things out to friends and co-workers, why not throw a hallowe'en party with an Addams family theme, and send "Thing-o-gram" invitations?

Hand-delivered, you know.
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Make a gross sticky hand rat king and then throw it at stuff.
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1.Pin them to the celling so the hands hang down.
2.Toss things into the inverted hand forest.
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Find a cheap old fan. Staple the sticky hands to the fins of the fan after you take off the grill. Turn the fan on and allow the sticky hands to slap your naked body over and over as punishment for wasting the Earth's precious resources. Repent, ecosinner.
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HAHAHA, I second Adipocere!
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I second mckenney, although I had to look up "rat king" to realize it.

(I'm glad I did, too. Fascinating stuff!)
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Hide them in public places that you know are looked at least once a day (under the containers on a condiment bar, between unshelved books in the library if they're packaged). Sit, wait... watch for reaction.
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