Remember these maze books from the seventies?
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When I was a kid in the 70's, I was an avid solver of a series of mazes published in books by an author with a Russian name (I remember it as Vladimir something). They were the kind of paperback books sold in the games section of bookstores, that you were supposed to write in like you do with crossword puzzle books. The mazes were simple, black-and-white, in a variety of shapes, and not gimmicky, just quite challenging (they were intended for grownups, not kids). Does anyone remember these books and can help me find them again?
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Best answer: Was this man perhaps Vladimir Koziakin?
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Response by poster: Yes! And I have even found some scans of pages from some of his books.
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I have all those books somewhere in storage. They blew me away at ages 7-9. I have fond memories of getting together with another maze-loving friend and drawing dozens of mazes, then trying to sell them to passersby, lemonade-stand-style.

Can't remember if anyone bought one, but damn. I do remember thinking, "if this guy can sell books of mazes, why can't I?"
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I got curious to see what the mazes looked like and found this site.

Have fun.
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