Where do I keep my crap when I'm running in Central Park in NYC?
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I don't live near Central Park, but I've always wanted to run in it. Assuming I'm in Manhattan for the day and I also have a day pack of non-running stuff, is there somewhere in or around the park where I can keep my stuff while I'm running around unencumbered? No, I don't have a car or any friends who live near there.
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Maybe go to the Museum of Natural History and check your bag? If I remember correctly, you do this before paying so it shouldn't be an issue. Just be back before closing!
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I live 4 blocks south of Central Park. You can drop off your stuff at my place. E-mail is in my profile.
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Good idea blaneyphoto. Another option is the Met, where you also check your bag in the atrium right after entering and before entering the museum proper. Depending on which side of the park you start from, one of these will be more convenient than the other.
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There used to be lockers at the Port Authoritry bus terminal. They may have removed them after 9/11, however.
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Like spec80, I live near central park (east 90s, in line with the reservoir). You're welcome to drop your stuff at mine if I'm home. Email in profile.
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Do you belong to your local YMCA? You could look into using one a Y near Central Park -- that way you could take a shower, too.
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You can leave your stuff at the New York Road Runners at 9 East 89th Street between Madison and Fifth (so, a half-block away from the Park). The website says lockers are $2 for non-members. I'd also bring your own combo lock since I dont think they provide them.
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Another idea is a local gym. Most local gyms have a guest membership-one day available (like NY sports clubs.) Pay the fee, put your stuff in a locker (bring your own lock and key just in case...

And just go run out on the park.
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The book stores have bag checks too. Drop off and pick up, free of charge!

Or I would 2nd taking someone up on their offer here. Maybe you'll make a new friend!
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To continue with Blanneyphoto's idea. I have left stuff in the Metropolitan Museum before at the coat check. It is free and the ticket booths are further into the museum. Though, you may feel a little odd in the giant entryway in running gear.
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I think I might try NY Road Runners. I've been looking for a reason to join anyways. But leaving your bag at the museum is an awesome idea.
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