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What is the opposite of a pet peeve?

Just like there are the little things that annoy the crap out of us, there are little things that delight us. For example, I love it when I wash the dishes in a double sink, and the soap makes a bubble tower come up through the opposite drain. What do you call this kind of anti-pet peeve? A pet joy? Is there an offical term for this?
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Life's Little Victories
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I'd say just basic feel good moments. Little glimmers of sunshine throughout the day.
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My favorite things
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My friends and I called them "the little things." As in, "Are admiring your soap bubble tower again? I guess it's the little things that make life worth it."
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Not exactly, but: Cheap thrills
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Cartoonist Lynda Barry calls them "right-ons". (I don't know this blogger, but she/he explains the concept well)
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A "warm fuzzy", perhaps. Typically, "warm fuzzy" refers to an interpersonal emotional experience, but I think it can be extended to anything that kind of makes your day.
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You get a "kick" out of them.
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A friend of mine howls 'TOP FIVE' in a squeaky munchkin voice whenever something like this happens.
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A pet "like", as opposed to a "dislike".
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Happy mundane?

"Good things"?
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Simple Pleasures
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"Pet peeve," to me, suggests that you're identifying with and defining yourself by the things you dislike. It's interesting to me that none of these suggestions (except maybe "kink" and "fetish") carry that same connotation.
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secret delights?

guilty pleasures?

undomesticated peeves?
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(To put it another way: they're your pet peeves — or kinks, or fetishes, or buttons; the vaguely-sexual ones seem to be outliers here — but they're life's little victories, feel-good moments, cheap thrills or good things. I think that's an interesting contrast.)
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you have a soft spot for bubble towers.
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I don't think you can put the word 'pet' together with any sort of synonym for pleasure without making it sound dirty.
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(also, for true pets, lickspots)
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Second for 'simple pleasures'. Short, sweet, concise, without a bunch of questionable baggage, or sounding like you're absurdly thrilled at these little things which tickle your fancy.
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A perfect sample of the question (& answers): Foutaises with Jean-Pierre Jeunet. (Re-post)
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^ ^ ^ With English subtitles ^ ^ ^
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