How to run script when you connect to network?
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How to run a program/script automatically when laptop connects to Home wireless network?

I'm not sure if its necessary - but is it possible to setup something that when it connects to a specific network, it runs a script?

An example would be: I come home with my laptop, and when my laptop connects to Home Network its starts my sync program to copy files to my backup drive on the network.
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Would be helpful if you told us what operating system you have on the laptop.
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This Lifehacker link has OS X info for proximity settings based upon bluetooth phone presence / current network. The comments also have some PC links. Lifehacker link
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Response by poster: ooop - That would be vista/xp laptop
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Best answer: Net Profiles?
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Response by poster: Net Profiles is the winner!

oh the 30 minute ask.metafilter question...... see you next week!
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I just found Marco Polo which seems to do this for OSX, Mr or Ms Future Person...
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I'd love to know what does this on linux. if-up.d just runs on networking up and appears independent of the wlan connection.
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