Can I get anything I want other than Alice's Restaurant?
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What modern protest song did I hear that reminded me of Arlo's "Alice's Restaurant?"

Very few details to throw out here, but Google fu has failed me. I heard it on the radio a while ago and for some reason I thought it was by 'James' because I think the artist or style reminded me of the song "Laid." Strangely, I haven't heard it since. Really, I think it was most like Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant, because it was meandering, catchy, fairly long and humorous at times, but I think it made direct mention of very modern events/ political issues, the iraq war, and maybe even GW Bush.
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Was it a male or female singer? Was there much instrumental to it, and if so, what instrument?
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Response by poster: Male singer, but a fairly balanced, slightly folk-rock rock song. Other than that, details are pretty hazy. I did think it was unusually radio friendly and catchy for a modern overtly political song if that helps...
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Response by poster: Oh, and I think there were periods where the singer talked, rather than sang a few lyrics-- very conversationally, almost storytelling.
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Could it be something off Neil Young's latest album? Living with War.

Or maybe one of his older tunes: Rockin in the Free World?

Just throwing it out there, his voice is in the same register as Arlo Guthrie.. and James for the matter.
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Another punt: Something's Gotta Give by the John Butler Trio.

Conversational, folksy, humorous at times, modern protest song.
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the only thing I'm thinking of is "when the president talks to God" by Bright Eyes. it's very much in the mold of early Dylan- wouldn't really call it "humorous" though.

Also, Harry Shearer has a new album out. The song I heard on the radio was about Bush and was humorous, in the mind of the author at least.
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Jeff Daniels did a great take off of Alice's Restaurant called "Recreational Vehicle"... not a protest song, but a great little piece of art...
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Something by John McCutcheon, perhaps? He does a lot of talky folksy political stuff.
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Maybe Jacobs Ladder by Chumbawamba?
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Response by poster: All great sugestions, and some awesome songs, but no matches. Like Alice's restaurant wasn't an overt "protest song," but was unusually specific about modern events- it could probably be enjoyed by those not on the far left too...
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Did he sound British? Could it have been Billy Bragg?
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Response by poster: Didn't sound British that I can recall- I think the song felt pretty amercanish.
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Your description reminds me of some of the older, mellower Against Me! stuff.
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Doubtful, but Tom Waits' Road to Peace? (dont know what the movie is but the audio is right)
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Off-topic, but related...from the Boston Globe last week:
18 Minutes and 40 Years Later
"In 1967, Arlo Guthrie was a hippie folkie doing what pleased him. Now he has four grown kids and a bunch of grandkids -- and life hasn't changed much."
Audio: Arlo Guthrie talks about the genesis of "Alice's Restaurant"*
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I'm betting Eve of Destruction. Sounds like it was written and produced today.
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Could it have been on Rock Against Bush I or II?
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"Meandering, catchy, fairly long and humorous" accurately describes the songs of Dan Bern. Even if it wasn't he, if you like Arlo, you will probably like Dan Bern.
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It might MIGHT be Muse, one of the songs from their album "Absolution." The one I'm thinking of is called "Take a Bow" ...and of course now I can't find it on the track listing for that album. But check out that song. It's not exactly folk-y but it might be what you're thinkin' of!
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I heard this on the radio yesterday and thought the same thing re: Alice's Restaurant! But I was just getting out of the car and couldn't listen to it all, so I don't know the name. I will keep my ears peeled, as the radio here is pretty repetitive...and if all else fails, I'll call the station.
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Perhaps it was "Can't Make it Here Anymore" by James McMurtry?

link: mp3 download from his label
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Response by poster: Thanks lhall, I'll check back to see if you find out what it was.
Seamus- that's pretty darn close; mystery song was a little more upbeat/ positive/ cooky, but I'm getting some great songs out of this thread! thanks all.
aeschenkarnos - I'm having trouble listening to the clips off of Rock against Bush on my mac- I'll listen if I can find those posted elsewhere.
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wild guess: "When the president talks to god" by Bright Eyes
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Maybe "The Road I Must Travel" by Nightwatchmen?
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16 Military Wives, by the Decemberists?
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