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Hi AskMe! I don't spend much time looking at msconfig, so this might be nothing. But I'd like to be sure, and Google isn't up to snuff.

Like I said, I don't look at msconfig much, but in the course of investigating something else, I found something odd (to me, at least) under the "services" tab. It started with ##Id-String, contained 33 characters and ended with another couple ## - it's the only thing on the list with an unknown manufacturer, and it's running.

This is all happening in Windows XP. Any thoughts?
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Response by poster: UPDATE - Searched in less dense manner - found string refers to Apple "bonjour" service, which I would like to shut off.
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Response by poster: So rather than the obtuse lead question, if anyone has any thoughts on removing Apple's Bonjour from my machine, I'd love to hear them.
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If you remove iTunes, it should go away. Otherwise, you're stuck with it.
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Either go to the Admininstrative Tools folder in the Start menu and choose 'Services' or choose Run... and type 'services.msc' to bring up the Services editor. Then, find the bonjour service on the list and switch the popup menu from automatic to disabled or manual.

BTW, it's used by iTunes to find shared music on the local network, so turning that off might disable it too.
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iTunes isn't the only software that comes with that irritating little thing. Quicktime and certain Adobe products can also install it (I don'tt know why).
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Strange. I have iTunes on my system and that string is not listed under my Services tab on msconfig.
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Do you have this directory?

C:\Program Files\Bonjour
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