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When word processing, how do I make long URLs break at the end of a line (and continue on the next, rather than starting a new line) while maintaining the hyperlink?

When inserting long URLs into Word documents, they always get shunted to the next line as if they were a very long word. This is hideous, especially in footnotes. There are work-arounds, but they aren't satisfactory for the following reasons:
- I can insert a space into the URL, but that breaks the hyperlink
- I can do the above, and manually hyperlink the two "words," but that makes the URL useless if someone copies-and-pastes it (yes they can erase the space, but single spaces in long URLs are difficult to see)

I can't believe there's not a way to format these so the URL goes to the end of the line it starts on and continues at the beginning of the next line. However, neither Google nor Microsoft's help pages offer any suggestions. Halp!

(I'm using various versions of MS Word, if it makes a difference.)
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Best answer: Insert > Symbol...
Special Characters
Character: No-Width Optional Break
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Response by poster: Argh, I new I was missing something obvious. Thanks!
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