Decent web design book for a web developer?
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Decent web design book for a web developer?

I'm looking to supplement my development skills with some decent design skills. Can someone recommend a really good book(s) on web design for someone with OK html skills and some css, but not much creative experience? Thanks.
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Web design is 2d design. Some of the best sites I have seen are simple design problems. The worst are standard designs pulled from a Dreamweaver template.

Try basic texts like Foundations of Art & Design. You can also dig through old Graphis or Art Directors annuals for inspiration.
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You might like the Non-Designer's web book. Its usually recommended around these parts, but I have never read it.
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The Non-Designer's Design Book is a great book, too. Highly recommended. I've probably bought and given away a dozen copies -- sorry, but I'm beyond that phase. You will really get your money's worth from it. So simple, accessible, usable, even poignant.
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Williams' and the whole Non-Designer's Series by Peachpit Press are very good for the beginner as mentioned above. Be aware that some of the technical material is very introductory but it serves as a good foundation. Other things to consider without a design course or school is understanding and seeing the grid underlying a lot of pieces so I will recommend Making and Breaking the Grid, which is a nice visual exposure and quite affordable for a design book. Books from Rockport are usually good for design. Another choice for reading to get easy to digest design is Before and After whose articles cover print and electronic but much is for print HOWEVER it is all good for the would be designer.

There have many posts here about design and the best sources for web design. Take a quick search.

I am in a rush but if you need more specific guidance post more of what you are looking for after browsing the suggestions of folks in this thread and others.
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