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Making a 3-D box out of several 2-D images: is there any software out there that makes this relatively easy/painless? Small shareware apps or steps in Macromedia or Adobe applications preferred.
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The new version (CS) of Illustrator does this. I haven't had a chance to play with it yet, as I only installed yesterday, but a quick trip through the user guide makes it look pretty neat and easy.
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What's your output format? And intended interaction?
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Response by poster: Final target is the web. We're trying to create a "box" for a software product that will probably never ship in a box, but we want a fake box. So I'm told.
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So I take it, this is going to be a static image of the packaging from a 3D perspective.

This would be a trivial task in a 3D modeller (save the lighting).

It could be done in Photoshop, as well. First you sketch the box boundaries in perspective. Then take the source images and deform them to fit (Edit->Transform tools).
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