Can I choose which Contacts in Outlook 2007 sync to my Pocket PC?
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Outlook and Address Book question. Can I choose which Contacts in Outlook 2007 sync to my Pocket PC?

Here is the setup:

- Outlook 2007 on a laptop running Windows XP SP2

- PocketPC smartphone running Windows Mobile 5

- In Outlook, I have a 60 contacts categorized as follows:
- 20 Personal
- 30 Office
- 10 Clients

Right now, every time my phone syncs up to the Exchange Server, it downloads every single contact listed in the Address Book. Is there a way I can pick and choose which contacts are downloaded to the phone and which aren't? I really only need the Personal and Clients, but not the Office, on the phone.

But, of course, I still want to be able to access all contacts when I'm in Outlook on the laptop.

I'm sure it has something to do with the 'global address book' and what not in Outlook, but I'm not sure. Pointers to a good tutorial are also more than welcome.

Any ideas?
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This isn't a very good solution, but what I do is set it up to sync only email with the server. Everything else (contacts, calendar, etc.) I set to sync with the computer. That way when I'm away and using the phone I get only email, but every morning when I sync at the computer I get everything else along with the email. That at least can limit the number of time the contacts get synced.

Wait, look at this page. I don't have ActiveSync on my home computer to try it out. Hmmm, some forums seem to think this will work, others say you have to make subfolders under your contacts folder and put what you don't want to sync in those.

note to self: Google, then start answering.
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