How to deal with red wine stained teeth
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How do you deal with red wine staining your teeth purple during an evening out?

I'm sure it's not only me that worries about this. I enjoy drinking red wine, especially in Winter, but I hate how it stains my front teeth purple after a couple of glasses.

I always think this looks really unclassy on other people, so I now avoid drinking more than one glass of red in an evening.

How do others deal with it? Secret toothbrush in the handbag?
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Brush-Ups to the rescue. Their minty flavor does conflict with the enjoyment of wine's flavor, however, thus do try to work in a thorough rinse after swabbing.
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Try to drink some water after each sip of red wine.

"Eating a bit of cheese or even simply rinsing your mouth thoroughly with water will help in the meantime. In the realm of useless advice for wine enthusiasts, a "tooth whitening expert" on MSNBC television once recommended avoiding the stains by sipping your red wine through a straw. I don't think so."

"In another approach to alleviating purple teeth after a tasting, Michael Amigoni suggested a simple solution: "Just like white wine is used to get the stains out of a spill on a rug, my experience is to swirl some white wine in your mouth and it cleans it all up!"
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Models drink red wine and cola through a straw. They find other uses for straws as well, it seems.

nthing ivken (halfway at least). Cheese works.
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You think it looks unclassy? I've always thought it was kind of sexy (on other people, I've never really cared much about how it looks on me since if I've drunk enough wine to have stained teeth I'm well past the caring what other people think threshold)
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Do you use any sort of teeth whitening system? When I did that before our wedding, I noticed it made my teeth much more porous, and hence much more suseptible to staining from red wine.
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It wipes off with a napkin.
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I drink whites or rose.
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Go to the bathroom first and put a tiny bit of vaseline on your teeth.
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I've found that only tannin rich/heavy/cheap red wine stains. You could try drinking something lighter, like a Beaujolais, or splash out for the good stuff.
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I've never tried the GoSMILE Touch Ups, but they seem to be what you're looking for. They're kind of expensive, but for an important date or event it might be worth it. They say it "Instantly erases food and drink stains before they set" (and if they say it, it must be true, right?)
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i swish water once in a while.
the white wine idea is genius, though.
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