boat guy in nyc
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fishing on a boat in or near nyc

i wanna go fishing on a boat with some friends on friday, probably for striped bass. Can anyone recommend someone locally with a boat that can take us out? All I'm looking for is someone that isn't wack. Points for weird old guys.
I have a car, and would be looking to get up early friday and go out for a few hours.
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Here are some fishing charters in Manhattan. Here's another resource. A movie you might enjoy: Gotham Fish Tales.
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My friends and 16 year old brother went out with these guys from Brooklyn. I was too sick to go. My brother had a great time and caught 8 bluefish, which are pretty freaking huge. We're still eating them. I don't know much about striped bass.
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Sheepshead Bay, on the B or Q line. It's about a 3 block walk to the water from the subway station, and there about ten piers with charter boats that go out for full and half days, and give you all the supplies you need, for $18. It's where exhilaration's brother went in the post above. But there are many boats there, and plenty of old weird guys.
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What ranconteur said.

The last time I was at Sheepshead Bay, business wasn't so good for the fishing charters and I had four or five guys hollering at me at the same time, trying to get my attention and business.

You might be able to get a pretty good deal.

And even if you don't get a great deal, you'll definitely find a good boat and some great times.
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Response by poster: thanks all for this info. if anyone's still listening, what time do i need to get there.
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Response by poster: also, $18? for real?
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I have no idea. Some of these boats might leave in the early morning. I know one of them does an overnight run. It depends on the individual boat. Call ahead to see what kind of schedule they're using.

This page lists numbers for some Sheepshead Bay captains if you scroll down.

I got that result by Googling "Sheepshead Bay" Boats 718.
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thanks all for this info. if anyone's still listening, what time do i need to get there.

My brother and friends left at 5am from Jersey. I think they were trying to get there by 6am. And fyi, from an e-mail my buddy sent:
Also, i just called the place, appaently, its $5 extra for a rod rental ( this was included last time). This brings the total cost to $50, but there is a $5 coupon on the website. Print it out, bring it with you.
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