Are tortillas compatible with sandwich toasters?
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Can tortillas be used in sandwich (or waffle) toasters?

Or are there similar devices that can accommodate two typical 6" corn tortillas, to make quesadillas?

(as an alternative to the stovetop)
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Best answer: Free standing electric quesadilla makers.

or, as they are known in my side of town: abominations
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I use a toaster-oven when I don't feel like cleaning a pan.
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if you can get past the fact that they aren't crunchy, microwaves work reasonably well for quesadillas.
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Best answer: I use the Foreman grill to make quesadillas all the time. Like all the time. Like that's 25% of my diet all the time. Heat the Foreman, lay the bottom tortilla down, liberally apply cheese, put the top tortilla down, close the lid and 4 minutes later you have a quesadilla.
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Best answer: I hate kitchen gadgets too, but George Foreman grills kick ass for this sort of thing. Much better than a toaster, IMHO (I think the weight of the lid really helps cook the cheese evenly). GF Grills also make a mean grilled cheese.

They do, however, suck at grilling any sort of meat.

Bonus: if you can get over the squick factor, you can always find like 8 of these at any thrift store you walk into. I actually found the one we use near our apartment mailboxes.
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I have a panini maker that works just fine for tortillas.
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I just take a tortilla, put it in a frying pan, put cheese on, and fold it over.
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If you use one of these panless methods I'd recommend greasing the outsides of your quesadilla with a little butter or cooking spray and salting it. Really though, the thought of corn quesadillas made in anything but a cast-iron (or maybe nonstick) skillet makes me feel sad. Throw a little cumin powder in there too, takes no effort and is SO worth it.

When I'm eating sheets of carbs and fat, I really want them to taste as good as they possibly can.
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We have a "quesadilla maker" and unless we feel compelled to make two dozen quesadillas the frying pan method is much much faster and, generally, tastier.
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