Where to stay for Punkin Chunkin 2007
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PumpkinFilter: Finally, after years of longing, I am attending Punkin Chunkin 2007.

I was raised in the area (well, Maryland) and want to show off the awesomeness of Mid-Atlantic+geek+engineer+redneck that is my neck of the woods to my SO. I mean, I am going to be attending regardless with my Whiskey Tango friends, but I would like to be able to make available to him a semi-fancy-pants hotel environment to retire to each night. He can be delicate in unpredictable ways.
I'm all over hotel.com and whatnot trying to find a place, but the cosy special places are never online - they're too small. These are the places I want, of course.
Any ideas? Phone numbers? I would love to wow him with something super-eccentric and local. That is our kind of thing.
(Punkin Chunkin just moved to Bridgeville for 2007, btw.)
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what about tripadvisor? Even the tinest pensione seemed to be represented on that site for a recent trip to the old country. For ever person who decides, "I'm going to keep this cozy little getaway my little secret and not write about it on tripadvisor" there is at least one who wants to share their find with other travelers seeking respite and a nice place to lay their head.
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Response by poster: Thank you arnicae -
I'm not seeing anything on tripadvisor, though. I'm seriously considering looking in bookstores because books sometimes have places listed that aren't too internetty. But I appreciate your suggestion.
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Response by poster: Oops - I should have specified - it's in Bridgeville, Delaware. Doofus me.
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