I need to see the funny again!
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Does anyone have video (VHS, DVD, anything) of Tom Kenny's standup routines?

I remember seeing him probably three times on Comedy Central (or maybe the MTV special listed on wikipedia.org) ages ago, before he was The Voice of Spongebob, and laughing until I cried. In particular, I think he had a bit on watching the L.A. riots on TV, including the looting of stores, and a bit on how dumb the contestants were on Wheel of Fortune contrasting with how smart they were on Jeopardy.

I would really, really, really like to see these or any of his other standup material again. I was hoping this would be easier to find now that he's got that whole Spongebob thing going, but no dice -- YouTube has a few Mr Show clips, okay, great ... but I need his own stuff -- it was killer. Any help welcome! Maybe someone knows him or his agent, or has some old tapes they would rent out to me? Mr. Show, while hilarious, is not what I'm searching for.
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