Affordable movers: Minnesota to Wisconsin?
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How can I find affordable movers to move my stuff from Minneapolis to Madison?

I have about one one-bedroom apartment's worth of furniture, plus clothing and books. Not much. Help me find a couple folks with a truck who'll accept cash for moving my stuff. I'll pack; they'll load, drive, and unload.

Thank you!
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I've heard great things about Two Men and a Truck. I know firsthand Avalon moving company might introduce you to the Seventh Circle of Hell. I'm sure they all accept cash.
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Before hiring anyone, I'd check out the forums on, specifically their master list of moving company reviews. They're grouped by state, so you'll need to go to page 3 for Minnesota. The Moving Scam site has a lot of useful info for anyone contemplating a move.
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Unless your furniture is expensive then dump it or sell it for $25 on Craigslist. I think paying a couple guys with cash is still going to be well over $500. Why not just save yourself the hassle and spend that $500 on new furniture?
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My husband & I have to go from the cities to Madison to pick up some stuff & bring it home. Our (huge) van will be empty on the way there; maybe we could work something out? Contact info is in my profile.
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Can you or someone you know drive a truck? The cheapest way to do this is to rent a truck and drive it yourself. You can hire people on each end (Craigslist) to load and unload the truck, so you don't have to do any of the heavy lifting yourself, but the expensive part is the truck and driving, so if you can get a U-Haul and do that part yourself, that's the cheapest way to do it. I moved from NY to DC, about the same distance, this way, for about $400.
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try out PODS.
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No ideas, but enjoy Madison, it's lovely!
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PODS was (for our California to Delaware move) absurdly expensive, but I would certainly get a quote from UPack. You have your choice of a PODS-like thing, or a truck where you get charged for as much as you use.

I was honestly amazed by the efficiency with which they worked and the good experience we had overall. I don't know costs for short moves, but you can get a rather quick online quote.
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