Does anyone make a bluetooth conference microphone?
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Does anybody make a high quality bluetooth microphone for conference call use?

I'm looking for something to use as the microphone portion of a speakerphone for computer-based VOIP/Skype calls. It should be battery powered and totally wireless. Ideally, it should cancel out ambient noise, and be sensitive enough to pick up the voices of multiple people sitting in a room together.

Essentially, I want this to replace a Polycom speakerphone. The computer in question is already hooked up to speakers, so that's not necessary, although if there's a combo bluetooth speakerphone/mic that you know of, I'll take those suggestions too.

I am not looking for a headset or any sort of person-mounted mic.
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Sony? But what would you consider HQ? I think bluetooth itself is the limit here ...
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Response by poster: My understanding is that that microphone is only usable with Sony DV cameras, and not with general computers.

HQ would be defined as "equivalent or better to the sound quality of a Polycom conference phone".
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Have you looked at this?
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Response by poster: That's very intriguing, but a little pricey considering that I only need the microphone side. Anything else?
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Well, this looks like a cheaper version of the same idea.
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Response by poster: That helped - it seems the relevant term to search on is "handsfree speakerphone". I found this, which I'm going to try out.
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Response by poster: And we're back. Not so great. The speaker itself is good, but the mic quality is pretty terrible, even holding it very close to my face.
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