Bikini wax question...problematic girly bits
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I love the feeling of a cool breeze in the nether regions. I've been thinking of getting a Brazilian bikini wax, but I have some concerns specific to my anatomy. Can you help me out?

I've waxed my armpits for years, so I know about the pain. That doesn't worry me at all. Shot of whisky, preemptive analgesic and all's as well as it can be.

Here's my concern: my pubic hair grows inside the labia majora, in the area of the vulva that's kind of a transition between skin and the mucous membrane of the vagina. The pink parts, shall we say? The pubic hair doesn't grow all the way up to my vaginal entrance or anything, but there's definitely hair growth around the edges that seems like it would be hard to remove. Maybe 1/4 of an inch. Especially prominent is the hair in the internal area above the clitoris. I hope I'm doing the description justice and you can picture what I mean.

When I've shaved, I've felt too chicken to try to shave inside the lips to get that internal edge hair. Like I said, the thickest part is nearest the clit. However, it seems to kind of defeat the hair-removal process if you can't get that part. When I've trimmed with clippers (my usual method), I feel comfortable enough that I won't rip/cut anything off, but the result is hair that's pointy and uncomfortable, and really irritates that above-the-clit-but-still-internal region.

The question: Will this internal-ish hair cause problems if I get a brazilian bikini wax? Will the waxist (what do you call this person?) have to avoid the area entirely?

More information: My pubic hair is definitely dark, coarse and curly. When I've waxed the bikini line (just around the very edges), I've had some problems with ingrown hairs, despite diligent exfoliation. My labia minora barely exist (are tiny and only visible if parting the outer lips), and so wouldn't really factor in to the logistics of waxing.

I know I can't be the only woman with this particular genital configuration, so I'm hoping someone else can help me understand what I could be in for. Anecdotes are welcome. is a way to contact me if you don't want to let it all hang out in public, so to speak. :-)
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A good waxist will get those hairs and, at least for me, with dilligent exfoliation, I don't get ingrowns very often.

Before you wax, get a recommendation from a friend who has seen a lot of waxists. There are some crappy ones out there, to be sure.
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Definitely agree that you want a personal recommendation for a "waxist". (I usually say "waxer" but I think the official title is probably "aesthetician" or "cosmetologist".) If you're near Portland Oregon, I'll give you a rec for Jevon at Wax On Spa, who is excellent. and fast! I've had better luck at salons that focus on hair removal vs general spas that offer scrubs and facials and pedicures and also waxing.

Doesn't sound like you're wanting anything unusual. The best waxer I've been to (that's Jevon) does pulling and rearranging of my lips as she goes, and she gets all the hairs without a problem. I've had waxes where they try to avoid touching my labia much, and in that case they don't get any of those border hairs.

Once you find a waxer you're comfortable with, you can ask her about the specific area you're worried about. Mine calls the area above the clit "the bangs" and takes care of it separately from the rest.

I used to have trouble with ingrown hairs when I was using Tendskin chemical exfoliant after waxing. Somehow it was too harsh for my skin while also not effective against the ingrowns. I switched to a pair of scrubby gloves that I use in the shower every other day or so and that has taken care of it. I rarely will need to use a bit of PFB Vanish which is a bit gentler exfoliant.
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A good waxer will take care of those hairs. It will not cause a problem. Make sure you exfoliate with a loofah at least once a day after getting waxed and use plenty of some aftercare product like TendSkin.
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I've had better luck at salons that focus on hair removal vs general spas that offer scrubs and facials and pedicures and also waxing.

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I'm too chicken to wax but what makes you think that your particular 'genital configuration' is unusual or abnormal?
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DO NOT use Tendskin on your nether regions especially after a wax. When I did that, that's what I imagine what it would be like if I had male parts and someone punched me there hard and a lot. Burning. Pain. Bad. Tears.
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A recent MeFi thread lead me to a scienceblogs post. The horror story contained was certainly horrifying, but there was also this very interesting comment, on location and extraction pain of pubic hair.
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I think all women have pubic hair in the areas mentioned, and it's really easy to shave that area inside the lips off, easier than shaving the bikini line with far less chance of pain and, in my experience, 0% probability of engendering ingrown hairs.
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You're normal. It does hurt a little more in those areas, but the most painful bit is still the mons pubis. Be clear with your waxer when they ask you what you want. Don't say "brazilian" or "playboy" or whatever; tell them what you want left, if anything, and tell them to get EVERYTHING else; otherwise they may be too shy to go for the "edge" or anal hair.

Personally, I think pubic waxing is painful, expensive, and generally a stupid idea; it's only perfect for a few days, then you have to wait a whole month until it's grown out enough to do it again. Everyone goes on about how much longer it lasts, but they must have pubes that spring fully formed from hairless to bush in one day. That waiting period is a deal-breaker for me.

I'm not judging you; I've had it done before. But I wasn't happy with it, and since you haven't done it before, I figured I'd give you warning.

Personally, I think you'd be best off with your clippers and a Seiko Cleancut to get things polished-rock smooth, but that's because I love my own cleancut so much I think EVERYONE would be better off with one. Just so you know, the cleancut is perfect for inbetween areas; it's so gentle, it's impossible to hurt yourself with it, even if you accidentally stray into tender areas.
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