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I need to know websites/companies that do legit background/information checks. I am willing to pay a fee as long as it is not unreasonable.

I need to run a background check and location information for some people. My 16 year old niece has left the state with a 23 year old guy. I have tried Zaba Search, but of course you don't get much there. I have reason to believe he is an unsavory character (mentioning again that he is 23 and she is 16!!!!!) So I need to locate info on him as well as some folks they may be running to. Does anyone have any suggestions? Google didn't turn up anything either. As I said, I am willing to pay a reasonable fee.
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Have you tried Myspace? It's crappy and annoying, but you would be amazed at what you can find out about people there.
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have you thought about hiring a private investigator? that might be a bit more expensive, but a good PI could problem find exactly where they are.
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Have you considered calling the FBI? If she has left without the consent of her guardian, the Feds would likely happily involve themselves.
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Best answer: I use Intelius in my work.
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Umm.. this is called Kidnapping. If your home is the child's full-time residence, once the guy took her out of state without your permission, he committed kidnapping.

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As Netzapper said, why haven't you called the authorities?

By "left the state" do you mean she ran away or just left with some 23 year old guy? Or do you mean her parents are ok with this guy and let her go to some event or something with him?

If some guy was raping my 16 year old daughter, I'd be doing more than running Zaba Searches. Where are her parents? If they're not ok with it, what is background checking going to do?

At any rate, there's not much you can do if you don't have adequate information on him (i.e. SS#, Driver's License #). If you have some info, rather than looking for "background checking" -- which can lead you to some scams and general internet BS -- I would look for a reputable Employment Screening Services company. As if you were hiring him, you can get his driving record, background check, education information/status, etc.
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Response by poster: We HAVE called the authorities. But we all know how much good that does. I have looked at MySpace as well as her IM records and that is how I found out who she was with. I have also talked with his father and step-mother and they told us to throw him in jail.

So I AM doing more than running Zaba Searches. She has a mother that isn't doing anything and a father that has not been around since she was born. I do not have the funds to hire a Private Investigator, nor to be running around the country.

Intelius looks like a good start. Thank you Ironmouth.
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Usually a reputable background search (like Abso) will require some basic starting information on the person, and probably a signed consent/release form. You may have some of the past address information, name, SSN, and birthdate, but not a consent form. And they're checking background - they'll check for reasonably current stuff, but you need very new developments that they could miss, or maybe other information that would be very expensive or beyond the usual focus of a normal background check. So the private investigator route might be the one to take. Call around and ask for price information and what they can or can't do.
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