The impossible to find clip??
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Impossible to find filter: Need help finding a very funny polaroid camera commercial from approx 1995

There is a Polaroid Camera TV commercial that was used in a fundraising conference recently. It starts off with a voice over of a young kid pleeding for money at Summer camp to "Great uncle Phil & Aunt Susie... etc." You find out that the summer camp is a bunch of clever 11 year olds using a polaroid camera to send pictures out to dozens and dozens of old people who then send them money. The kids are stacking up expensive electronics as a result. There was a line about the kid in the photo needing to look more pitiful.

It was a hysterical clip especially in the context of a fundraising conference. I asked the speaker for a copy and he claimed a 10 year old legal agreement between polaroid and the company prevented him from distributing it. (This is what leads me to believe the clip is from approx. 1995)

I did of course the usual, blow the last two hours of my work day searching google with every possible combination with no success.

Thanks in advance for the help!
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This won't help you get a copy of the clip, but it's a start: I don't know where you're located, but The Paley Center for Media, formerly the Museum of TV and Radio, which has locations in L.A. and New York, has a huge archive of commercials. I know they did a Polaroid commercial restrospective a year or two ago, too. You won't be able to get a copy of it from them, but you'll be able to watch it. Someone there might also be able to help you find out who to contact to get a copy.
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You mentioned that you googled, but did you try searching in YouTube? Here is a list of videos that showed up when I searched for "polaroid commercial."
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I found this advertising site with 35 polaroid clips, one of them is called "camp".
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