Addressbar search problems in Firefox: returns Russian results!
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When I search Google from the Firefox address bar I get Russian results - why and how can I fix it?

When I type a word in Firefox's addressbar (e.g. "Biology") I get results in Russian:

If I do the same search in the Google search bar I get results in English:

If I try with "BBC" I get the Ukrainian BBC site when I used to get the UK BBC site.

I guess some config files got changes somewhere along the line.
Can anyone help get it working nicely again?
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Best answer: go to about:config (enter it like a URL in the address bar.)

Search for "keyword."

Right click on the value for keyword.URL. If it's something like

then change it to

If it's not, then there's something really screwy going on. Restart firefox in safe mode and see if it stops.
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Google language settings? Firefox language settings?

Ah, you're in the UK. That might explain it.

I wonder if you've mixed up one of the language settings, because uk is the abbreviation for 'Ukranian' while en_GB is 'UK English'. Understandable mistake, or perhaps FF standardised its 18n settings in a funky way.

(The US DHS has the same problem: it's 'EN' for the UK, and 'UK' for Ukraine.)
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Anyway, go to Preferences > Advanced, click 'Choose' under languages, and see if you've got Ukranian at the top of the list.
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You're not traveling abroad, are you? It does try to use your IP to guess at what you want for a language.
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I think holgate has it, since that's not Russian: that's Ukrainian. You can tell by the character "i" that isn't used in Russian.
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jonesor, after you fix your search make sure to run some system scans such as spybot and adaware... you've probably got other gunk on your system too... :-(
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