vi cheat sheet?
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vi cheat sheet, A4/letter sized, very dense, plus the odd cartoon? Rings any bells?

I learnt C in the early 90s on a shared xenix system at a US/UK-based training company called Kalamazoo.

One of the training materials was a B+W nth-generation photocopy of a vi cheat sheet. Hand-written (maybe), lots of information packed on it, plus a few cartoons scattered around the edges.

I found this sheet incredibly useful, and would love to have a copy again.

Failing that, a pointers to one-page vi cheat sheets would be gratefully received.
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I found several results on the first page that would fit on a single sheet printed.

No cartoons though, lol. Good luck!
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vi coffee mug - never be without it again.
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Here are two... (no cartoons, but still helpful):
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This one is hand-written.
Still not cartoons though ;)
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The cheat sheet on the O'Reilly book on vi is very useful :)

I'd post a link, but I just discovered my copy missing from my cubicle :(
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Here's one, and also here's a previous question that has some.

Sadly, no cartoons.
posted by djgh at 11:24 AM on August 1, 2007 thsi one? I know periodic table != cartoon, but... close?

I think you are thinking of the one that is a big V I with the commands forming the shapes of the letters?
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The VI reference Tshirt. Conveniently printed upside down so you can see it right side up when you look down at your chest.

Don't open the terminal without it.
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Thanks, everyone - I knew it was a long shot and I had done the requisite googling, I promise.

I think the one I'm looking for was laid out in columns - three or four, maybe. But it was probably some internal document... I wouldn't be surprised if a copy no longer exists.

I think I may set out my own version - most (all?) of these are laid out "command -> description", but "description -> command" seems a lot more usable to me.

Best answers for jknecht (most useful), rom1 (closest to description) and Wild_Eep (least likely to wear).
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