Help me find a particular vi quick reference card/picture.
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Help me find a particular vi quick reference card/picture.

Many, many years ago, my high school lab had two reference posters I distinctly remember - one for shell commands, and one for vi. The one for vi had the commands in segments of a lowercase 'v' and 'i' while the shell commands ... well, you can figure it out. I'm not sure if these came out of UnixWorld or what, but they were great for beginners. Not overly complicated and pretty direct.

Cut to the present day. I'm looking for the vi reference sheet for some of my coworkers who are fighting with vi - and currently losing. I had a crude photocopy of the vi reference sheet, but it got lost during a building move recently. Help me find it - my googlefu is sorely lacking when it comes to this.

Bonus points for PDF.
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I remember those posters, but can't remember who made them.

The O'Reilly vi books are probably a good place for your coworker to start.
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This site has about 3 types of pdf based vi reference sheets and some vim ones as well.
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Is it this?
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benign, that's it! Thanks!
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