What to do in Nice
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I'm in Nice, France. Where should I eat? What should I do? I have 3-4 days left.
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I'm sure you've probably done some googling, but if you haven't gone by Virtual Tourist yet it's worth a look. It's a pretty reliable website for tips from travelers. You're not likely to encounter many amazing gems but it will give you a nice feel for the place, as well as highlight some dining possibilities.
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Stay out of the tourist traps around Massena and head into the little alleyways behind. Order fish. Get a pissaladiere. Or three. Buy lavender. Walk along the promenade and check out the casino. Don't miss the Negresco bar.

And see here, previously. Doesn't anyone search anymore?
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l'ane rouge.

get socca from a street vendor.

look at previous thread.
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Get some Bouillabaisse.
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Lots of great beaches not far away. Cannes to the west, Villefranche to the east, Monaco, Cap D'Ail, umm.... a bunch more I don't remember.
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Go to Cassis, take the boat from the beach, go swimming in the calanques.
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One of the best summers I ever had was right outside Nice, here is what you must do: take the train. Nice's main train station, Gare Nice Ville has a "commuter rail" of sorts which runs up and down the coast- Cannes and Antibes.

I'd recommend taking the short trip to Juan-les-Pins. It's not as city-like as Nice, although it's got a rockin nightlife if you're looking for that.

You can access it by train, but it might be easier if you have a car, a great restaurant is La Bonne Auberge.
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One of the most beautiful villas of the coast is the Ephrussi de Rothschild villa. Do spend hours in the garden.

You can buy a combo ticket that lets you visit the nearby Villa Kerylos at a discount at the Rothschild villa, and vice versa.

In the same area, there is a nice long walk around the Cap Ferrat. The parts around St Hospice and the Lighthouse are the most beautiful - it is 14.5 km in total. The peninsula is quite calm, away from the crowds of the main coast. If you have time, the view from the Sémaphore is spectacular. Sneak around the back through the bushes.
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You can also take the train to Sanremo or Ventimiglia in Italy from the main train station in Nice. There's a big market in Sanremo on Tuesday and Saturday mornings in Piazza Eroi Sanremesi, on Friday mornings along the seaside in Ventimiglia.
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I spent a few days in Nice in 2000. Here's what I remember:

1. The Matisse Museum was quite nice.

2. Hookers. Lots and lots of hookers. (sorry, no link).

3. Folks selling heroin on the boardwalk.

4. People (probably from #2) having loud sex in plain view on the beach.

Oh, and a lot of roaches in my hotel room. It was terrific :)
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Go to Eze.
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The tins of olive oil at Nicolas Alziari are beautiful and much cheaper at their own shop than you can find them in the US or UK. Their shop is gorgeous... highly recommended.

LA Boutique du vieux Nice :
Pauline Alziari s’était installée dans les années 1920 rue Gubernatis, c’est en 1936 que l’implan- -tation définitive se fait au 14 rue saint François de Paule dans les locaux d’un fleuriste.

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Take a day train to Monaco, Cannes, etc. Explore some of the small coastal towns outside Nice. Or just get the f out of France and head to the Italian coast.
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Have the pizza! The pizza I had in Nice was some of the best I've had in my life. And DEFINITELY do a day trip to Monaco! Go to the Monte Carlo casino!
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