A toast to titillation.
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My, uh, sex-obsessed aunt has glaucoma and was recently prescribed medicinal marijuana. Now, she'd like to watch some movies that will blow her mind and body.

No, but seriously... my lady friend and I are looking for some psychedelic erotic films, a la Behind the Green Door. The more couple-friendly [non-misogynistic], the better. That's all.
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"Performance" with Mick Jagger
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Nicolas Roeg in general. Bad Timing, Don't Look Now, and even The Witches (check Anjelica Huston's fashion sense) have a certain...sensibility.
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My boyfriend and I enjoyed watching Vampiros Lesbos together.
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The Hunger
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9 songs has some psychedelic moments. Lucia y el sexo is a pretty good mindfuck.
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There is an ASCII version of Debbie Does Dallas somewhere. I think it was posted on Metafilter awhile back, but I can't find it.
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Y Tu Mama Tambien!


I think Steven Soderbergh's Out of Sight is damned hawt. Sadly, no one has ever agreed with me. Here's hoping you and yr lady friend will enjoy it.
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On preview - since Out of Sight is adapted from an Elmore Leonard novel, it's not so much psychedelically erotic. Whoops. You should watch it anyway.
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Sex and Zen, the movie which made high school bearable. But, just.
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My lady friend and I thouroughly enjoyed Pirates. It's both triple-x porno and extremely funny, two things that are usually oil and water. It has a good story, hardcore sex, and a battle scene with CGI skeletons. What more could you want?
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Beyond the Valley of the Dolls
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Cat People, with Nastashia Kinsky.

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Not psychedlic, but definitely erotic (and not misogynistic) would be Bound. One of the best sex scenes ever filmed, and I don't even generally like girl-girl stuff.
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Any Steven Sayadian film. Hallucinatory, new wave porn...seriously. Check out Dr. Caligari, Nightdreams, and Cafe Flesh. They're obscure and hard to find --- a bit too arty for porn, a bit too pornographic for the art crowd.
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Blowfish has a "Surrealistic Weird Shit" section in their adult catalog.
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Seconding Lucia and Secretary.
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Has anyone said Barbarella yet?
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In the Realm of the Senses---and the French version of Lady Chatterly's Lover which just came out.
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Arnold Maupin's Tales of the City.

Paris is Burning.

Forbidden Planet.


Black Cat - White Cat.

Forget movies. Introduce me to your aunt. ;)
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Thanks for all your suggestions, some seem to be more erotic than psychedelic but that's a'ight. I'm currently torrenting Vampiros Lesbos and I am going to the library tonight to get Paris is Burning [don't know if it will arouse us, but it sounds fucking awesome anyway] and In the Realm of the Senses. Additionally, the Steven Sayadian stuff really intrigues me, perhaps my local artsy video rental place will stock that.

It's hard to give best answer when you haven't seen any of the films, but keep them coming nevertheless.
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Not so much psychedelic, but it's erotic - Sex and Lucia. Worth watching even if you're not high.
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