How do I find the IT conference I want to go to ?
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Is there a comprehensive list/lists of technical conferences that take place around the country. Specifically, ones that are not a marketing gimmick for corporate sponsors but are more catered toward workshops, technology interchange, learning.

Much of what I need to know to increase my skill set seems to be centered around best practices, methodologies, architecting IT solutions rather than becoming an expert in one or more technologies/products. I work in IT but not a software programmer. What kind of tech-exchange programs is the MeFi community aware of that I can participate in to enhance my knowledge. I think I am looking for a cross between SXSW/BarCamp and Gartner conference for System Architects. Feel free to ask questions if you think I can elaborate/clarify. I should mention that it might be easier to get approval for a more "formal" conference but I feel that I wouldn't get as much out of it ?
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I should mention that it might be easier to get approval for a more "formal" conference but...

Heh. Notacon had a $950 "corporate" registration rate last year, in addition to the $50-$80 "individual" rates, just so people in your situation could make it look official when they submitted it to the paymasters who expect technical conferences to be expensive. ;)

As for a list, a quick moment with a search engine yielded AllConferences, which may be too broad to be useful, but probably merits a look.
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You're description sounds a lot like my experience with BarCamp. What exactly is it about SXSW that you'd like to see? Have you thought about just encouraging that type of participation in BarCamp?
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Check the SANS schedules...
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There are a large number of IT conferences listed at Confabb, which exists for this very purpose (I'm one of the founders).
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