French film
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Can anyone identify this French film?

Maybe three years ago I saw a trailer for a French film about (if memory serves) a group of young people who remain friends as they grow up. The impression I got from the trailer was of a rivalry or a tradition of practical jokes that get out of hand. The one scene that sticks in my mind is of a wedding in a church and someone rolling a cylindrical canister down the aisle.

What is this movie and is it any good?
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Jeux d'enfants.
It was decent. Typical french black humor..
posted by NickPeters at 2:17 PM on July 31, 2007

i love this movie, one of my favorites.
posted by thisisnotkatrina at 3:19 PM on July 31, 2007

I thought this movie was great.
posted by KevCed at 6:53 PM on July 31, 2007

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