Where are the Victorian neighborhoods in/around DC?
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Where are the Victorian era homes in/around DC. We will be relocating there next year and would like to live in an old house. So far we've only found Takoma Park, MD which we really liked but seemed to have a murder problem last year.
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There's "Victorian era" and "Victorian style" older homes. If you're looking for that style of home, there are a few other choices.

The one that I can point you to is Kensington, MD. It's close to the border of DC, but has a much lower crime rate. Of course, this also means the homes are more expensive.

But, it's got a nice downtown as well, with a lot of antique shops, etc.

Hopefully that will help. I'll ask my buddies in VA if they have any suggestions.
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Old Town Alexandria. But it ain't cheap.
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We lived in Takoma Park last summer and really liked it. It's a special community. There did seem to be a freak number of murders that year, but we never felt unsafe there. Maybe take another look and see if you think that's part of a trend or just an anomalous year? You could also check out neighboring Silver Spring.
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I've lived in Silver Spring, which is between Kensington and Takoma Park, for 20 years.

I second Kensington as an alternative to Takoma Park if you're looking for Victorian style homes.

Other very expensive neighborhoods with houses like that include Rock Creek Gardens/ Rock Creek Forest, Colonial Village and the Palisades along the D.C./MD border... Actually, come to think of it almost everywhere along the D.C./Montgomery County border has houses like that.

But I do think Takoma Park is your best bet. And I think the crime rate there is not that bad at all, especially on the MD side (Takmoa Park is partly in D.C., partly in MD).

You might also check out Hyattsville and University Park in Prince George's County which will be cheaper. University Park is actually pretty safe (you just have to deal with annoying collegiate renters for neighbors). But Hyattsville (although its gentrifying) might still be considered unsafe by many.
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Takoma Park does not have a murder problem. No more so than most of DC and the suburbs.

The largest number of murders in DC actually occur in Wards 6 (Capitol Hill) and 7 (the Northern half of the part of the city on the eastern bank of the Anacostia river).

Check out Brookland and Michigan Park if you want a quiet, safe neighborhood with plenty of Victorians mixed in with early 20th century styles. There's even a Frank Lloyd Wright thrown in there for good measure and you won't get that in Georgetown (which was the city's ramshackle milltown Ghetto until the late 20th century).
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Around Eastern Market, as well. Some friends lived on S Carolina Ave, which had lots of circa-1900 townhomes.
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