Help me train my dog in Brooklyn
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Does anyone have a glowing recommendation for a dog trainer/obedience school in Brooklyn?

We adopted an approximately two year old beagle mix from the shelter about two weeks ago. She's a really great dog, very smart and affectionate, and seems to be adjusting well to the transition. She's responded very well to the minimal training I've already tried with her -- I can walk her without a leash for short distances, so long as there are no seriously delicious distractions nearby, and she sits and comes most of the time when I call her (although not when my partner does).

What I need now is for her to come all the time when we call her, to heel when we walk, and to not beg at the table. I think her previous owners were not well off, and encouraged her to fend for herself in the house as far as food went. I understand that, being part beagle, she has a mind of her own, and I don't want to break her of that necessarily. So, I'm looking for trainers/obedience schools in the 11226/11215 zip codes that would work well for her. Has anyone here used a trainer in this area they'd like to recommend? Thanks.
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Linda in Brooklyn 917 971-3498
posted by hindmost at 12:52 AM on July 30, 2007

(Don't know her personally but she comes highly recommended from a friend of mine)
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Thanks, hindmost. I'll check her out.
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