Questions about creating a humorous flash survey
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I have an idea for a humorous flash survey designed to place the user into a certain profile (similar to the "What kind of hipster are you?" survey). I'm sure many of you have used or seen such surveys (or their results) on sites like Myspace or CollegeHumor. The idea I have would lend itself to the same kind of usage; I can envision people placing the results onto their friends Myspace pages and so forth, or perhaps embedding the application into the page itself. I understand Flash and Actionscript, but I've never created anything like this before, so I have a few questions.

1. Is there ANY profit potential in this? I'm not expecting much, as I am perfectly comfortable financially, but I am curious to know if anyone makes money off of these things. I would (naively) assume that with a dedicated site one could make money through traffic and advertising.

2. How do you deploy a little application like this? Do you create a website around it (possibly profiting off of advertising)? Do you license the application to other humor sites for a fee?

3. How do you market something like this? Is it a matter of submitting links to various sites and hoping it becomes viral?

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanx.
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The creator of the popular Desktop Tower Defense Flash mini-game did an interview with Om Malik on how he promoted and made money off his game.
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